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Our Team


Richard (Rich) Lovely
Principle Broker

Out of the ashes and rubble of past failures of Realtors before, a Super-Agent was born. With empathy and compassion first, coupled with industry knowledge and experience, this new kind of Agent has changed the real estate industry forever.


Meet Agent Rich. He has dedicated the last 8 years of his life to matching people to their forever homes. His tool belt of knowledge and negotiation skills make him a formidable asset and one to have on your team as you take on the real estate realm. He has no super powers, but rather a passion for serving his community and the dedication his Buyers and Sellers deserve in every transaction.


Rich was born of normal blood in Massachusetts where his real estate career began. He spent the last 8 years traversing real estate up North and moved to St. Augustine, FL in 2020 to tackle a new market altogether. Before real estate, Rich worked in IT and Healthcare as a Project Manager where he tackled complex, large-scale, multi-year projects with ease and created solutions for ambiguous problems that required a superhero-like touch.


Rich has a breath of knowledge working with investors, commercial real estate, property flippers, portfolio builders, new builds and much more. His catered approach is out of this world and he is here to help you LOVE where you LIVE.

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